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Matera Holiday | Inmedio Casa Vacanze a Matera

For over 800 years

One of the finest and most typical homes in the "Sassi". 800 years of history unfolded before your eyes and waiting to be discovered.
In the very heart of the town, this enchanting piece of architecture reflects Matera’s qualities and characteristics. The whole house is for the guests to enjoy, completely independent and quiet. Having full access to one of the main piazzas of the town, we suggest you to spend at least 2-3 days to fully appreciate its beauty.
Contact us before coming by car so we can work out the best parking arrangements for you.

Our city

1. Space
Inmedio is the ultimate house of the “Sassi”. The limestone cave in the back is entirely carved in stone and had been used as harvest and food storage since the 1200s.
The front is partially built with additional rocks and limestone dating back to the 1500s.
2. Guests access
The house is completely independent and air conditioned. Besides the bedroom area the guests can enjoy a kitchen and a cozy fireplace. There is also a coffee machine, offering Italian cappuccino, mocaccino, caffe macchiato, hot chocolate etc. Upon their arrival the guests will find enough water bottles in the fridge.
3. A bit of history about the location

The house is located in the town centre and is short walking distance from “Piazza San Giovanni” and 100 mt from “Piazza Vittorio Veneto”. The nearby area offers many shops, little boutiques, restaurants and places to visit. Matera has been nominated European Capital of Culture 2019. The town has been inhabited for 10.000 years, making it the third most ancient town in the world.

4. A bit of history

Archeologists found various hunting weapons in the caves surrounding the "Gravina" canyon proving the existence of hunters in ancient times. More neolithic villages started to grow as we can still see from evidence of potteries and graves. Many of the cave houses we can still see today have been lived in since the Bronze age, all the way till the big migration to the upper newer city in the 1950s.
We suggest you to pay a visit to the National Museum "Domenico Ridola", where items and findings from ancient graves and sites can be admired. In 1993 the Sassi of Matera became an "Unesco World Heritage" site.